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What Type of Air Compressor For Sale is Right For You?


An air compressor is a device that can be used to compress air into a usable gas, liquid or even a powdered compound. The compressed air stored in an air compressor is usually stored in a reservoir that holds a volume of that gas or liquid. Compressors are often powered either pneumatically, hydraulically, electronically or by other means. There are three types of air compressors that are available: home, mobile, and industrial. For the average user, the ideal air compressor would be a portable and lightweight air compressor, which could then be referred to a user-grade portable diesel air compressor.

The first step in searching for an air compressor is to determine your needs. If you intend to use the air compressor in your home or garage, then you will likely want to choose a power-driven compressor. Typically, these are called piston compressors and come with a tank, cylinder and piston. A cylinder in a piston air compressor provides the cylinder with compressed air, while the piston is driven by a chain and pulley system. Most users find it to be easier to use piston compressors than the others.

Another type of small air compressor is the portable or desktop air compressor. Often used for jobs around the house such as inflating pool toys and pump tires, these compressors are commonly known as squirt guns and are generally much smaller than the air compressors. In addition, a small air compressor may also be used for air-purifying respirators. Although these types of compressors are primarily used outside, they can be used indoors in certain situations.

A third type of small air compressor is the stationary or stand-up air compressor. Generally used in industrial or scientific laboratories or for storing samples, the stand-up air compressor is basically a giant compressor which is designed to be moved around. The stand-up air compressor also contains the tank and motor. It does not contain the compressor tank itself and is rather attached to the tank by means of an air hose.

The final type of air compressor for sale such as from Swift Equipment is the portable or diesel air compressor. These types of compressors are generally used for powering pneumatic tools such as air drills. As diesel is an expensive fuel, it may be somewhat difficult to find portable compressors which are powered by diesel. However, there are air compressors which are powered by an alternative source such as propane gas or natural gas which may make them more affordable.

There are a wide range of options available when it comes to purchasing an air compressor for sale. These compressors air tank and motor can be purchased separately which will make them even more affordable. In addition, there are many companies that offer combination packages. If you are on a budget but still want a powerful air compressor to run your pneumatic tools then you may want to think about purchasing a used or basic package. On the other hand, if you want a high performance compressor that can be run without having to use any fuels then you may want to look into purchasing a new model. No matter what type you are interested in, there are plenty of great options for you to choose from.


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